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The following is a list of ingredients in our featured products:

CUTOUT COOKIES: Peanut butter biscuits (ingredients: whole wheat flour, baking powder,  smooth peanut butter, skim milk, cinnamon, honey).  The frosted ones also have Fido frosting and sprinkles.  The teddy bear faces are painted with melted carob.

DOGGIE CANDIES: (ingredients: melted carob).

ICE CREAM CONES: (ingredients: edible dog cones, Fido frosting and sprinkles).

PEANUT BUTTER BALLS: (ingredients: peanut butter, molasses, oats, ground flax, dried blueberries, and sprinkles).

PUPCORN BALLS: (ingredients: white popcorn, peanut butter, molasses flaxseed and oats).

RED VELVET PUPCAKES: (ingredients: rice, flour,  evaporated cane juice,  beet powder, baking powder,  salt,  egg,  vegetable oil, Fido frosting and sprinkles). Wheat-Free.

FIDO FROSTING: (Ingredients: maltodextrin,dairy blend(whole milk powder,shortening powder), tapioca starch dextrose, gluten free no corn starch).


PEANUT BUTTER BANANA WHOOPIE SANDWICH: 2 peanut butter biscuits with Fido Frosting, banana flavoring and sprinkles.


S’MORES:  2 peanut butter biscuits, Fido Frosting and melted carob.


CAROB CHIP:  A peanut butter biscuit with carob chips.


MAGIC COOKIE BAR: A peanut butter biscuit with Fido Frosting and carob chips.